Game names are pretty useless

I don’t know if many disagree or agree, but I personally find naming of games beforehand to be quite useless feature. Most of the games are open challenges and there’s no knowing beforehand who you will be playing. This accounts for most games.

The names do take up a lot space in listings and are quite useless to users as it is currently, with most games being named ‘friendly game’ in one language or another.

Currently the names are only really usable if they are part of some tournament, and are named accordingly, but even then users are more likely to want to browse to such games through some tournament-page interface.

I think a more useful feature would be enabling tagging of games as game is ongoing or has ended - much like KGS has.

Well, I just wanted to probe in to the collective hivemind of OGS and the developers to hear your opinions about it as well.

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I like the idea of tagging but I like the fact the player who creates the game can add some extra info. I like to emphasize if the game is unranked, blitz (or just fast), handicapped or sometimes, I am playing drunk… Btw it would be useful to know in game history which player created the game.

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I also like the game names b/c I sometimes put game info in there.

Well, if you are using the name-field as notes for challengers, then we could argue it should be renamed to be notes.

It could be renamed to “apple pie” or “cheese cake”, I wouldn’t care, as long as it’s still there :smiley:

Based on responses, we appear to be using the name field to tag the game with info, which is what badpunman suggested.

Perhaps we can find a middle ground between a static name and some kind of tagging system?