Game Names should be Automatic and Descriptive

Nine times out of ten, the default “friendly match” is shown anyways. This useless information shows up in the games list, while information that would be useful doesn’t make it to games lists at all. I think that all games should be automatically assigned descriptive names. Tournament games already automatically assign names, and I love that they actually show me some information about the game in question. A game “name” should describe the game categorically. “Rated, 9x9, live” or “Unrated, 19x19, demo” for instance. Getting that info onto the games lists, maybe quick sorts can be done on the game names.

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Most of that information is already available outside of the game name:

Note the board size in the left and the word “ranked” all the way in the right.

Timing information might be nice, though. However, “demo” is no timing and wouldn’t appear in the game list anyway. Scroll further down to “Reviews and Demos” on the profile page.

That information is available only in games history. It doesn’t show up in our lists of ongoing games and, more importantly, it doesn’t show up in the list of ongoing live games when you’re looking for a game to observe. Game names seemed like a good place to put it, but getting rid of game names and having sort-by columns for everything would be great, too (because what I’d really like is a sort by rank on the list of ongoing games).

Since writing this, I noticed that there actually are sort-by column headers sprinkled lightly around on the server…they should be used everywhere!

It is automatic…

Tournament games have their own style, and non-tournament games have automatically “Friendly match” (or something similiar depending what language is the user using this site. I like it, it’s nice to see open challenge named “Ystävyysottelu” when know that i other player speaks my native language as well.

And i love the option to name challenges myself, that way i can tell everything what i want. It easy to name challenge “teaching game,” “big handicap game,” “very long game” or even “let’s play drunk” so that it would be obvious every other player what type of challenge did i put up.

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