Game page UI suggestions

Given that I’m very meticulous, I keep being annoying about improving the game page. Here are some suggestions that may in my opinion make it a bit better.

  1. Make the right area more controllable by the user being able to:
  • “minimize” the players boxes, meaning that profile image and clock are made invisible. This can be set by default on demos and reviews, saving some space for the other boxes;
  • expand/compress the chat box, just as done with moves tree and commentary boxes; and
  • minimize the chat, moves tree and commentary boxes as well.
  • Add a “link” icon to the tools box to share variations (asking the name through a dialog) saving the space occupied by the “share variation” box (see image).
  • Add a “back to game” icon to the tools box. This would lead you back to the game in running games (saving more space occupied by the current button) and would serve as a refresh button for reviews and demos leading you back to where the reviewer is standing, making it more visible and comfortable than the current little icon (see image).
  • Put the undo button on the right menu.
  • Add sound and labels options to the right menu.

I like most of these very much!

but not this one. There is already link button on the right menu. It would be confusion. Also it helps alot to be able to name shared variations

All others are really good suggestions.

Well, your problem is with the icon, @Pempu, not with the suggestion. Selecting an appropriate icon is enough :smile: And I suggested to put the variation name through a dialog box.

In item 5, does the “labels” option refer to the ability to toggle coordinates on/off? I would really like that feature to be restored to this version (the previous version of OGS had that), since I generally like to play with the coordinates off, but it would be nice to easily turn them back on (without diving into the user settings page) for quick reference in discussion.

I’m exactly refering to that. :smiley: