Game parameters [quick newbie question]

sooo I just finished my thesis… and I’ll have some free time for playing against actual people.
I will be creating challenges named something like “losing n/100” for anyone who feels like playing.
I’m completely new to on-line playing so I wanted to ask if these settings are reasonable for my first “100 losses”:

  • Rules: Japanese
  • Game Speed: Live (or correspondence if I get busy and won’t be able to play a complete game in one sitting)
  • Time Control: Byo-Yomi (main time: 15min, time period: 1min30s)
  • No handicap, automatic komi
  • my color: Automatic


PS - I’ve only played against bots and 1 friend that “I’m teaching” (dragging along my learning path :joy:), but we learn a lot trying all sorts of variations and checking many many moves ahead.
I’ve also been watching a lot of go lessons (mostly Nick Sibicky, In Sente, Yeonwoo, dwyrin…) and reading a few books, so I hope I’m not completely dull to play against


I would maybe just chose Chinese rules over Japanese because in case of complication, it will be easier. But that’s on case of, for very few times.

Besides it’s all good to me and sure if you did already all what you say, it’s impressive, players will be delighted to play with you

Welcome and have fun on OGS!

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I recommend:

  1. Chinese rules, because you can fill your territory without penalty, something that unskilled players often do inadvertently.

  2. 30- to 60-second overtime period, because 90 seconds a move, plus main time, could lead to long games.

Hope you have fun!


Ah yes 90s… If you want a relaxed time you can chose Fisher time 3mn main then 1mn increment to max 3mn.

Relaxed time are cool to me but you should consider that it can make harder to get a game because:

  • Short time avoids the use of analyse tool and bots (last one being completely out of the law ofc)

  • Lot of players in live come to play less seriously online and prefer to play quicker

But that shouldn’t deter you to ask for slow games, not everyone is searching a blitz.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll reduce the time, although 30s seems scarce for reading complex “tsumego-like” problems… but it’ll help me improve!

(I think I’m fine with Japanese, filling my own territory has not been a problem for me so far, but I’ll keep it in mind)

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O me too, my connection is a concern sometimes changing a live into a blitz…

It may look strange but I encourage you for quantity as quality at first and to not take too long time to think like practicing wrestling before slowing down later.

Japanese rules I’d say have the advantage of maybe shortening endgame a little by not needing to fill neutral points if there are an odd number or your counting is bad (mine is!) I always hesitate slightly when I see Chinese rules. But the practical difference is negligible generally I suppose

With Chinese rules I don’t need to call a moderator and stressful situation when I get a bent four in the corner.

Finishing the dame prove to be useful many times just because boundaries are not always well closed or still have some problems


bend 4 in the corner is dead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: (although some times the possible ko confuses me)
I thought it was not mandatory to fill the dame points but “finishing” the borders was (regardless of the rules set)

These settings seem to work pretty well for a beginner. They aren’t necessarily even games, but usually pretty close.