Game paused but the 2 players are not on vacation

Hi, I have a problem with the following game:

As you can see, the game is paused, but neither me nor my opponent are on vacation, despite the “Vacation” label under my name…
It’s been like that since last time I went on vacation and then finished it.

Is there a way to unpause/unlock the game? Should an admin/mod do it?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Have you tried to start another vacation and then stop it immediately? :slight_smile:

Yes I tried, with no success unfortunately.

try the in game pause and unpause?

Huh, yeah usually starting vacation and stopping it again will clear that.

Moves can still be played while the clock is stopped - in a couple of weeks we’re rolling out an update that includes some improvements and fixes for how vacation clocks are paused and unpaused, so if worse comes to worse, try it again then? In the mean time, you might try the start/stop thing again once or twice just to see if it clears things up for ya.

Hi ema. Since the game you’re in is very far behind and unlikely to finish anytime soon, may I suggest asking a moderator to annul the game and forking it to finish? I can add the results of the game back into the tournament when you finish. Cheers.

Tried to go on and off vacation 3-4 times, but again the game is paused.
In order not to block the tournament, could a mod do what timuzhti suggested?