Game rank do not match game strength

It happens in the last time very often, that the rank of my the opponent when I accept a challenge, do not match their actual strength (about 2 - 3 stones diffrence).

One reson, they are new, and the rank adaption isn´t finished yet. That is fine with me.

very often, is their rank for this specific game, lower then the overall rank in the profil.
I know their is a little gap for diffrent gamestyles within the ranking.
But lately it happens more and more often, that the game based rank will not match the oveallrank, and more important its noticable in the game.

for example:
When I want to play to 15k (and not higher) and I click ‘yes’ to game like this in the gamegraph, and the rank in the gameview is also 15k, but the player is actuall 12k when I look to his profil.

Lately it happens more often, so I wanted to ask: was there any change in the ranking system in the last 1 or 2 months? (Or maybe is it only my perspective and i getting easier frustraed when my expactions not match, (and I have to work on that)?)

Edit: and of course is the auto-handicap, based on the game specific rank. Sometimes I played against 3 stones handicap with an equal player.

In my opinion the rating for blitz, live or correspondent games should never be this much apart.
I’m playing a game against a 12k player who has 21k at correspondent games, sound odd to me.

Has always been this way. look at the earlier posts, some not very long ago, that tackle this issue of the disparity of different ranks.
I have pretty much never touched correspondence, and most of my correspondence rank shifts are from mod changes.

It is not the corospondence rank, I talking about live games. But i could be true, that my awarness shifted in the last time.

This sounds suspiciously like the German “in der letzten Zeit” — do you mean “recently”?

yes :smiley:

I can now say a little bit more about the subject, cause it happend on my site too.

After I lost a some games to a lower rank (not many, 3 or 4 I think), my specific game rank was 3 points less then normal (15K instead of 12K). My opponent was probably wondered too, why I am much better then 15K.

It occurs to me, that maybe the influence factor from the last games is a bit to volatile (?)

Same logic, blitz and live all work the same way if u dun touch 1 long enough if ever.

@ hiryuu

i know this mechanism, and its not that.

(that is why I made the effort to describe it)