Game replay Q: Has white a chance to life? (Now its public)

Hi Guys,

I had a Game vs a bot. I almost gave up but as my last two moves a made komi and than he gave up. So I play several outcoming but never found a way me (white) can life. So may there is a better player than me who can tell me if there is a way white can life here, this is the game replay:

Btw you can analyse my gameplay anyway I’m a beginner thats the reason I play against a bot. So feel free so whatch, leave a commend or find new/better plays in any situation.

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

The game is private.

The game is private.

Would it work to create a demo board, and then copy the game’s position on to it? Then, the demo board could be shared on these forums, right?

3 options:

  1. Give access rights to someone.
  2. Save sgf, go to sgf library, upload sgf, share link
  3. Copy each move to a demo board by hand

If you aren’t sure how this works, I thought I would elaborate further @Hazy030:

  1. Go to the game that you want to share.

  2. On the pop-out side panel on the right side of the screen, select Download SGF

  3. In the upper left hand of the OGS site you will see button with three horizontal lines on it. Left-click that to reveal a menu. Click on SGF Library.

  4. When the page loads, click on the blue Upload button.

  5. Select the SGF that you downloaded and click Open.

  6. Click on the name of the SGF that you uploaded and it will take you to the game.

  7. In the pop-out side panel on the right select Link Game

  8. Share the link with us here. Now everybody will be able to view it.


Now it shoud be done. Thanks to Mulsiphix1 for the detailed description (thanks to the others as well).

A: Yes.

Can you tell me how it works?

Check your game record. :3

When you ask if White can live, do you mean where the game stopped, at Turn 36, or do you mean “if I had played differently, could I have won?”

Smurph covered playing differently, and I added another possible variation. But from where White is positioned at Turn 36, there is no way to save that top White group. Black can kill it easily, and therefore has won the game.