Game result by moderator decision

Hello all,
I have a recently finished game, where I was not offered to opportunity to count stones. The count on the game was 91.5-68 in my favour, but the game was awarded to my opponent by ‘moderator decision’.
T:2497 R:1 (cityblue vs 68Es335)
Please can someone explain what this means? I am confused as to why a game that was clearly finished in my favour has been awarded against me…unless I am missing something obvious!!
Thanks for your time and asssitance.

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odd, maybe the moderator in question should announce why this decision was made?

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Is there a way of finding out who the moderator is/was? so that I can ask the question…

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I don’t know, but as there ain’t that many moderators, and this was one of the ‘officiual tournaments’ it shouldn’t be that long before that specific moderator would answer here i guess

oh, btw, this is the game we are talking about

Hi there @cityblue this was totally my fault and it was a test script gone bad that affected 4 games in that tournament. I’ll be assigning you a tournament point and correcting any rating change this evening to make up for that (which you would have gained had you won the game). If you want to resume playing that game you may ‘fork’ it using the options menu to the right of the game board to continue an unrated version of that game.


Thanks Matburt, much appreciated.
My main concern was if my understanding of the game was at fault, as I’m fairly inexperienced at go. Glad to see the reason is known. Thanks for your help. Chris