Game Review 13k

Hi again,

Could i have a review of this game ? Especially the moment when i lost this bottom-right big zone (and lost the game at the same time, i think…). But also to answer question : is there a moment after move 140 i could have captured some stones around K14 ? (sounds hard to do but i had the sensation that only one more stone could have help me to do that…)

I already proposed a revision about the first question, but some explanations could be good for me to avoid the mistake another times…

If you play 85 at 88 there are no problem (connection). It will close your territory too. When w cut, you have to add a move to your bottom right corner, but you didn’t so that group was killable during 50 moves… And then killed.
(Much) before 140, for K14 around I don’t see anything valuable to do, w shape is fine and if at most you capture a stone or 2 it will be pretty small and with big chance gote
-meaning you will give w the chance to take more points in more valuable place on the board.
After 140 there is just a small reduction nothing more

i left some comments in your review.
a recurring mistake in this game was leaving yourself vulnerable to sliding moves. these most commonly happen when you play a 4th line stone and your opponent has a 3rd line stone a keima away.

white got many of these and similar moves in, stealing most of your side territory unpunished. look into that :smiley:.

i couldnt find a way to capture stones on the upper side after move 140.