Game Review 19x19 10k

Hello, would anyone be kind enough to explain why the AI thinks white is winning? I feel black is much ahead in terms of points. Thanks in advance.

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assuming everything lives, I’d say the top right and top left can both be reduced heavily and white has potential to make some points in the centre

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We should train a bot to explain bot output.


That is the worst thing about AI :scream:. All you can ever do is try to understand what it is thinking :sob:. What I wouldn’t give for Leela to explain itself :face_vomiting:!

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I ran the full analysis.

I think Leela pretty much threw her hands up in the air at the series of blunders before white timed out: how can you predict the outcome when each player keeps making -50% or more type mistakes :wink:


The answer is, “To the best of your ability!” :face_with_monocle:

But I expect the robot to try :smirk:

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LeelaZero’s estimation of who is winning is based on its expected follow ups. LZ’s variation I shared shows that White can reduce Black to 2 points in the corner in sente. And sente is important so White can enlarge the framework on the left and surpass Black slightly in territory.

If White misses this variation, then LZ agrees that Black would be winning.