Game review 2D

I played a tournament game against a 6D and lost by 5.5 points:

I’d be interested to know what the key turning points were in this game.


I put some thoughts here. I’m also 2d so take it with a grain of salt.

Thank you! It’s definitely useful to get a second opinion, especially as your comments are very detailed and backed by variations.

I wish I could respond to some points but I am not sure how to do it… For example, move 134 is worth 10+ points, but it also defends against black L15.

Thanks again!

You can add comments in the review. You can also share variations from the bar above the chat box.

Seems about 10 points, yeah. I added a variation showing that. However, I gave White two free moves to have that result, and those moves should be worth something. 134 was also gote. I just couldn’t imagine it was the right timing for a 10-point-or-less gote move when there’s that nice side extension from your enclosure open. That move was screaming at me like a small child.

Does it? I think you defended almost immediately with 138 so I’m not certain what you mean here.

Somehow I was barred from adding move comments, but I shared a couple variations on your review.

An eye opening comment was the variations you showed at move 86, thanks!

I am new to OGS, and so far I really like the interface!