Game Review controls

Tool tips to explain what the various controls do would be nice but the pen is the only one that is not obvious once the cursor is on the goban. Suggest adding a pen icon for consistency with other controls. It’s good to have an indication of what function is in effect.

Oh. after you clear penmarks, the icon remains on but there are no marks to clear. If you did not turn the pen off. the pen icon reverts to off and the clear penmarks icon remains selected with no marks to clear; however the pen function is still in active while (to reiterate) the pen icon is off. Now, with the pen icon off, if I select one of the marking tools and draw with it, I can make a circle of marks. Clear penmarks does not erase the set of marks; they have to be removed one at a time and one mark type at a time. Oh! No! You can click on a mark twice - first click changes it to a different mark and then clicking again erases it. Bug or Design choice?

Oh, it turns out that the pen remained active after I turned it off. It was indicated as off but was on. I selected it so it was indicated as on and it was on. Then I selected it off and the function remained active.

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