Game review for low Kyu 13x13 game

I played in a tournament online last night and had an exciting game against my opponent. We are both around 21kyu and I know I made dozens of mistakes. I think there’s a lot a higher level player can tell me about the game that would help me.

The game itself ends in a huge capturing race that I lost (I’m black). The race starts all the way back around move 89 and dominates the play right to the finish at move 117 when I finally resigned. I’m also hoping there are improvements in that race that could have saved me (I failed by one liberty and lost a massive group). I tried to read it out ahead of time but it was more than I could process. I’d be interested in hearing how I could have read it more accurately, also.

There are, of course, lots of mistakes early. Any insight would be welcome. thanks!

I don’t know whether you still want reviews, as you withdrew the post, however, I made one for you. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask questions.

I didn’t delete the post. Thank you for the review.