Game review request 18k vs ? Specific advice on playing against a handicap

Hello, I’m fairly new to the game and am floating around 18k at the moment. I recently had a game against an unranked player (??) and they started with a two stone advantage. I wanted some input on how you normally play against handicap stones.

My thoughts on the game were I wanted to build at least two corners, then get at least a solid wall in the other two with influence facing the larger sides. I would then be able to use the influence to build bases along the edge.

I ended up winning via disconnection but I was well ahead at that point. My opponent didn’t play very well though so I feel like he more lost than I won.


Overall, there are a few joseki mistakes (mostly pertaining to the 3-3), and then a few cases you decide to make small moves instead of the big moves. Black gave you some slack because of their mistakes.

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