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I’m a 13k ish player and I recently played a game on Fox and I’m looking for a review. I played white I think I started strong, made a mistake in a joseki for the lower left corner, but recovered. I ended up losing by 3.5 stones and I’d like to know where I gave the points away.

I’ve uploaded the sgf. Any insight will be helpful.

CloseLoss_white.sgf (1.3 KB)


It’s more convenient for reviewers here if you upload the SGF to your “SGF library” on OGS, and then we can review it in situ.

Your SGF Library is in the lefthand main menu accessed from the burger next to the OGS logo :slight_smile:


Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that feature on the site.

Very nice.


You shared the sgf download link. Next time, to share a game, just copy the URL from your browsers adress bar :wink: . I’ve corrected it to point direct on the game.


Did the SGF contain the correct Komi value? It appears that the AI analysis is distorted because it thinks there is no Komi (am I reading that right?)

I put some observations in a review. I’m basically the same rank as you, so don’t read too much certain in what I say :slight_smile:


I won’t make a full review but I’ll try to comment on 2 or 3 easy-to-correct mistakes. Your middlegame was quite skillful so here are a few opening ideas.

Move 16 : don’t play so low in the opening. Just extend along the side. Eugène’s suggestion also looks ok (more aggressive)

Move 26 : It seems you want to make eyes here and now but this doesn’t do it (imagine your opponent playing at P13). You don’t live, you don’t get points, your group is heavy. Jump towards the center instead, and later you will find things to do in the upper corner.

Move 36 : It is an interesting idea but it feels better to turn on B6. In your sequence Black is connected and this gives a lot of points. Of course you should try to avoid losing a stone at move 40.

PS : it is the first time I comment a game between 13d.


And because opinions are like cheeks (everyone has at least four) I am adding my surprisingly comical full review as well:

For a 13d game I was not impressed.
Opening was suprisingly decent, middle game was you know… Fine. Mistakes were made, but that’s normal… But. BUT. The overwhelmingly horribly sad part was the endgame :D. And I mean damn. If it was a normal equal game (since both had the same rank) I cannot count how many times both of you threw away victory, because of insisting on some pointles 1 point gote move.

Luckily thouhg, endgame is really easy part of the game to fix. It is all about diligence and not just following your opponent’s moves.


Usually there are several places that are sente for whoever plays there first. PLAY THOSE FIRST. Obviously if there were 5 of those even if worth only 2 points each it means you get 10 points and your opponent NOT. Even a two point move is bigger than a 10 point move IF IT IS SURELY SENTE! Because you get to play both if you get the sente first. Right?


Losing 2 points is nothing if you get to keep sente for the next 10 points. Right? It is not two soldiers that you are sacrificing, it is only 2 points. Do not get too attached :slight_smile:

Hope it helped, and best of luck in next games :slight_smile:


Thank you! Your review was really helpful. It is the punishing, and big sente moves that I know I need to work on. Slow, small and sad. Describes a lot of my games lately.

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Thank you for the comments.