Game review

I would really like a game review im new to go my opponent did quit but i just want to know how i was doing and if I stood a chance of winning

Welcome to the forum! Please provide us a link to the game , you’d like a review.

I suppose it is this game:

According to the AI evaluation, you were leading by 42 points at the time they resigned:

The maneuver in the lower left from move 9-14 was profitable for white, because white secured some territory in the lower left corner, while black only created a floating group in return. As a result white was leading by about 10 points after move 14.

White’s attack from move 20 onwards was a bit unreasonable, but black did not take advantage of the defects white left in white’s position. Then black made many tactical mistakes from move 27 onwards. White stayed connected and black was cut up in pieces. As a result, black lost many stones and white secured a significant territory in the lower right as well.

White was in a good position to win the game, if black had continued after move 70. 42 points is a significant lead, but at novice level, a lot of mistakes are likely to happen, so black could have fought on.
Perhaps they are even newer than you and they felt discouraged by the losses they suffered in the battle in the lower right, so they resigned.

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