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Hi go players,

I recently published my new website which is a place to share games and get them reviewed by stronger players. The whole website completely focusses on this topic therefore I hope that I will be able to provide a really nice workflow even though there are still some steps to be made to improve the process. Of course it’s completely free and 100% non-commercial - there are no ads or something.

Actually the idea is very similar to what happens here in the OGS teaching forum. So I am very happy that I got invited by one of the OGS moderators to anyway present my website here. I would be super happy if some of you would check out my page and tell me whether you like the concept. I am happy about any kind of feedback!

Maybe even some of you decide to upload one of their games to get it reviewed. Even though the website is still very new several reviewers registered already who are willing to comment your games.

Thanks for your help!


Your site is an interesting idea. I’ve made an account and looking forward to some game reviews.

I’m surprised this hasn’t received a larger response here! The site looks really good, I’ve made an account and will perhaps try to review a game soon =)

Thanks for your positive feedback! I am very happy that you like the website. Please tell me if you encounter any difficulties uploading or reviewing a game.

Would be great if you upload some of your games or even find the time to do a review. I just recognized that there are some new request. :smile:

I did upload one game for review and I noticed whilst it has a review status of OPEN it appears both in “My Review Requests” and in “My Game Reviews” (with me as the ‘reviewer’).

Thanks for the hint. That was quite confusing in fact. I corrected it.

Update: We got quite good feedback from our users. Here’s what they wanted to have. Some of these things are already done. Others will follow soon. :smiley:

  • Mark video reviews in the overview - that should be easy. :+1: Done
  • Indicate reviewer strength - already realized that this is missing. So the first step was to enable users to tell us their rank either during registration or on their user’s page: :+1: Done
  • Search reviews by level of players - basic functionality should be relatively easy to add. Might be a bit tricky to provide good UX here.
  • Give recipients of reviews an option to thank or rate the reviewer - yes, we absolutely want that. :+1: Done
  • Multi language support - in general not so easy. But if we just start by allowing the players to indicate the language of the review and show it in the overview maybe that’s a good first step.
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