Game shows it's my move while it's not



shows it’s my move while it’s not

This old bug has come forward again:

My affected game is here:

@anoek, I hope you still remember the solution :slight_smile:


I have 2 other games on the other side: not counted as “My move next”:

I think this is basically the same issue as this: Notifications and outstanding game count not working

Has anyone taken the time to report these to the github issues list? That’s the official bug report location these days.

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Is there a tutorial or FAQ on how to do it?
Is it necessary to be registered on github?

Yes, I have:

  • Notified anoek via @ here
  • Notified anoek via @ in chat
  • raised the issue as a bug in github
  • conversed with anoek in private chat

(in that order)

You can see for yourself if you look in github that it is raised as a bug. This wouldn’t change the time needed to respond to it though.

I don’t think github is intended for “general public bug reporting”. This is what the “Bug” section of the forum is.

Enthusiastic non-devs help the devs by filtering out not-actually-bugs, and investigating somewhat before reporting in github.

github is for verified bugs that need to be tracked by the devs. It would get too noisy if every suspected bug were reported there. I think you’ll find that’s why there isn’t a FAQ on how to do it :slight_smile:


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I don’t speak english very well. I mean: I can’t dig the subtleties of meaning, so I ask: are you bullying?

I think your reply would be a fantastic FAQ if written in a more freindly way. Thank you.

No, no bullying :smiley: GaJ is just saying that the bug is already reported and there is no need for further action. (from our side)
And is advising to not flood github with messages as it will make the work harder for our developers. (Finding the important stuff in many messages).

And yes, you would need to be registered to submit anything on github.


Yeah - I definitely wasn’t meaning to be unfriendly, and for the most part I was answering roy7’s question.

I just wanted to explain that you didn’t have to worry about reporting it to github, and why you didn’t have to worry about it :slight_smile:



Ok cool thanks. :slight_smile:

Ok, Maybe we don’t need to report it on github, but to don’t have to worry about it?
It is still the same, and very, VERY annoying!

We are all worried about it.

The developer has said he is aware of it, and was, at that time, unable to attend to it due to Real Life pressures.

The assumption is that it will get fixed as soon as it can be. We don’t have an ETA.

Does anyone know - is there anyone other than anoek who would be able to fix this?

Theoretically @matburt as he is the only other dev… but this issue is server side and thus these two are the only people who can work on it.