Games hang on "Loading..." Please help

Dear admins, please help me in the following situation:
My games
0Friendly Matchchu.lin.5458 [8k]–:----:–
197T:2707 R:2 (RaikB vs spudx)spudx [12k]–:----:–
61T:2946 R:1 (Mr Newby vs RaikB)Mr Newby [9k]–:----:–
110T:2945 R:1 (Erasmas vs RaikB)Erasmas [10k]–:----:–
15Ladder Challenge: xhu98(#9) vs RaikB(#1)xhu98 [2k]–:----:–
0T:2654 R:1 (KimGa vs RaikB)KimGa [10k]–:----:–
…now does not load and hang on loading…
Please be kind and help unstuck them.
With best regards

Happens for me also, often.

The board loads, but not the stones and players list. Sometimes the stones appear when I click on the side of the board, sometimes it needs a reload.

Chrome Version 36.0.1985.67 beta on OS X 10.8.5

We’re working on a fix for this, it should be better next patch

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