Games miniatures to become links as it was before upgrade

Links have some browser specific functionality that is really useful for some cases.
I use Firefox.
When I hold Ctrl and press a link it opens in new tab without swiching to it.
It is really useful when you want to quickly open certain games and make a quick move in each.
Currently you have two options and both are slow:

  1. Hold Ctrl and click on a game. It will open a new tab and switch to it. So you’ll have to switch back to overview tab after each click untill you open all games you wanted.
  2. Use single tab. Click on a game. Make a move. Click home. Click a game. Make a move. Click home. This is even slower. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about ‘Go to next game’ here.

And now I started to see the above behaviour in Chrome.
Can someone answer me why we can’t have simple links instead?

What link functionality is missing that would make this faster? That is to say, what were you doing before that you are no longer able to do?

Press Ctrl + click on a miniature.
If that was a link the game would be opened in a new tab WITHOUT switching you to that new tab.
It helps a lot if you want to make a quick move in many games, specific games.
With current behaviour, you are forced to switch back and forth between home page and game page.

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