Games missing from opponents "Game history"

After playing an opponent I can - of course - see the game in my “Game History”, but when checking the opponents profile the game is not present in their “Game history”, only under the view of shared games. It wasn’t always like that, right? I’m pretty sure I remember scrolling through the opponents games to see who they played before and after me. This is what I’m seeing:

Adding to this, games that are marked not public in challenge, are they not public during game play or they stay hidden even afterwards?

Ahhh. Shoot. Thats it. In never play private games. But that must be it. At least the last few games was marked private. Not intentional though. But earlier it was possible to click private games, right (they where part of the “Game history” too). I seem to remember that I got the “error” message when selecting a random game from an opponents “Game history”…

I looked at your opponent’s history, and your 3 games are there. So it seems like a bug.

Private games are always hidden (not sure whether they can be unhidden by the creator). However, they do appear in the game history; but when you click on it it says “loading” forever.

Yeah, I checked two other browsers - one a clean install - same thing. Maybe a bug in my view somehow…

Chrome browser shows outdated pages sometimes on any site. You have to refresh.

Thanks, as mentioned above I’ve tried in Safari, Firefox (clean install) and Chrome. Same thing.

After fiddling around a bit. It’s related to private games. I just seem to remember that they used to be part of “Game History” and not hidden there - just with the usual “warning message” when clicking them.

users can be granted access to a private game, but the game itself can never be made public.

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If I recall correctly, at some point there was a resolution not to show private games in the game history, because it is a pain to have them there and click on them and not be able to access them.

I would have thought you should be able to see them if it is actually your game though - this does sound like a bug, or something that at least needs refinement, if that is what it is… @RubyMineshaft do you recall anything about this?


I do remember the discussion a while back about hiding private games in the history table for players who don’t have access to them, but as far as I know, nothing was ever implemented.

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After doing a bit of digging, the private games are not showing up in the response from the API at all for me. There must have been a back end change.


I guess it arguably makes sense that “the place where you see your private games is on your own history, you can’t see other people’s private games on their history”.


As stated in my earlier post, the games did appear in his opponent’s history when I checked yesterday. So this issue is not so simple.

Could that simply be the result of awesome OGS Team powers?
NB: I went back to playing public games when I found out it was related, but I think you checked before that.
If not, then there is a problem.

@Eugene @RubyMineshaft
I tend to look in the opponents “Game history” for games they played before and after me. Having the games only show under shared games to the right (on desktop), makes it harder to place those games chronologically and impossible if the opponent played more then one game on the same day, which is almost always the case. But. There is a real argument for that behaviour being an edge case that doesn’t really need attention - it only affects “Private games”. Unless, as Conrad points out, theres a bigger problem.

Moderators have to be able to see even private games, else trolls could do everything in private games, therefore we get the full game history. For everyone else, seeing all private games was sometimes troublesome, when a player played mostly private games, trying to find a accessable game.

Anoek made the change in no time after the problem came up, so I suppose, it only checks if it is your own history or if you are a moderator to include private games.


Added this to my message above at the time you published yours:

“Or. “Private games” could be moved back into/unhidden from “Game history” but marked “Private”, given a specific color or made fx italic (or line-through) as to prevent blind clicking and issuing frustration. That way you’d always have a complete index under “Game history”. Which is nice.”

Having a complete game history with a detailed markup would be great. But I’m aware of the work required.

Edit: Appending a symbol ( * ✱ :no_entry_sign: :no_entry: ¹ ) to the result (or name: mobile friendly. Maybe even before in case of long game names) might be the easiest way to go. No need to invent a new set of colors for private ranked and private friendly games.

Edit II: Maybe a pinkish hue for the whole row, that’ll work on both white and black.