[games started] 5k? looking for (and offering) correspondence teaching games

Title says it all. I have not played enough games yet to be absolutely confident about my rank, but if you feel like a 5-7k player should be no difficulty to beat, you can probably teach me something and I would be grateful for that =)
On the flipside: If you feel like you stand no chance against a 5-7k player I can probably teach you something so feel free to ask for correspondence teaching game =)

EDIT: playing a teaching game against Mark5000 (https://online-go.com/game/12454302) and Russjass (https://online-go.com/game/12469538)

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I am looking for a teaching game, I am an unstable 15k, probably closer to 17k. Send me an invite, correspondence games suit me best


I would love a teaching game :slight_smile:
Please send me an invite if you want, correspondence games suit me best, thanks / from Sweden

I would, if I had any idea how to find you outside of the forum. I searched for your username but got no result. There is no direct link from the forums to the profile, right?
Maybe just send me a request yourself (if you can find me oO)

EDIT: I’ve got some help and found your profile =) Challenge sent.