[Games started] TPK looking for teaching game with SDK or higher


Basically, the title says it all. I’d prefer correspondence, but if you’d prefer live, I can definitely play around 9:00 PM CDT, or we can work something out.

Fair question GaJ, not sure why you deleted it. Why do you feel you need at least an SDK teacher? When I was TPK I had a DDK teacher who was perfect for teaching me the fundamentals of the game.

Yeah I was in two minds whether it was a fair question or not. At least the person didn’t ask for a Dan :slight_smile:

I have been getting good levels of feedback about the teaching I do with TPKs, and I’m not SDK. I think that in some ways high DDKs are closest to the “right information” for TPKs.

But then I thought “maybe this is just pushing my own barrow” so I withdrew the question :slight_smile:

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My personal belief is that dans cannot comprehend the thought processes of a TPK as it has simply been too long since their brain worked that way (kind of like the trick images where once you see the hidden image you can’t unsee it) and so I think 5-10 stones difference is ideal for a teacher as they are strong enough to see your obvious mistakes but not overwhelmed with high level thought that isn’t applicable.


I’d be cool for a teaching game with a DDK. I’m somewhat new to go, so I’m not sure exactly how much of a gap there is between various levels of play. Sorry if that put anyone off!

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All good, most people are quite shocked at just how broad the skill spectrum really is… It’s quite mind boggling haha

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I’ll second that!

It still surprises me when I bump into just how much gap there is to a few kyus above me, and also when I’m sharing what (small!) things I know downwards, how much of a range there is to share.

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Challenge sent :wink:

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I’d be willing as long as game is live and review is by voice. Is that acceptable?

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Sure, that would work. When are you available?

For starters thursday and friday anytime after 9:00 UTC Hit me up by private message on OGS