Games Stopped Showing up in my Profile rank graph

I am having an issue where my games have stopped showing up in my profile. I like to keep track of each day’s progress, but the calendar in my profile is not progressing to the current date.

Hello @oconnor.daniel.p,
I am not sure I fully understand the issue, are you saying finished games no longer appear in your profile? That would be very strange indeed.

Or is the problem only in the top graph? Only ranked games are written into the graph (as the graph represents your rank change) could that be the issue? Maybe you just played unranked games recently?

They have all been ranked games. I just checked and they are showing up in Game History, but not on the graph. Thanks.

Having trouble finding your profile on the main site. Could you please provide a link to it?

The graph is up to date (now). Sometimes it doesn’t update instantaneous.

How’d you find him? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! However it is still not showing my finished games from today. I guess I’ll just give it some time.

Know your admin tools. :wink:

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nice. found it :wink: