German spelling errors

There are some spelling and grammatical errors in the german translation. For example in the preferences:

wrong: Zeige offline-Freundesliste an
correct: Zeige Offline-Freundesliste an
original: Show offline friends on list
Maybe the more correct translation would be: Zeige Offline-Freunde in Liste an.

I know, it looks like a small difference, but “off-Line” would look like a small different too. But it hurts eyes. :wink:

Another example (Observer games tab):
wrong: Korrespondenz Spiele
correct: Korrespondenz-Spiele or Korrespondenzspiele
original: correspondence games
In German, word parts are written together or at least hyphenated (the linguistic technical term is durchgekoppeln). Spaces are incorrect, result in a different stress and, in the worst case, in a different meaning.


“Ladder” is translated (automatically?) as Leiterturnier. The correct translation for ladder is Rangliste in this context.


Hello Bas,

OGS depends on its users for translations as you can imagine it is hard for a non-native speaker (or a non speaker altogether) to orient between the different phrases.

If you had the time and nothing better to do, you can correct the errors yourself here (though it requires creating yet another account, sorry :confused: ) it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know and no worries if you don’t feel like doing it, mabye somebody else will pick it up, or I will try to remember later, when I get some spare time.


Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: I thought you needed special permissions for translations, but simply registering on the translation site makes things easy.

Apparently changes do not become active immediately, are there releases or schedule jobs or something else?

P.S.: Thank you for merging my threads. I didn’t know if they should be approached separately. Sorry for that.


All I can tell you is that it usually takes a couple of days to show. Whether it happens when anoek (our developer) pushes a button, or whether they are some scheduled batches, I do not know, sorry. Never cared enough to ask :smiley:

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OK, automatic or anoekmatic or magic in some days. Thanks. :grinning:


oh… this will be recorded for the ages :smiley: thank you, friend


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