Get history of finished games in a group?

I am managing a group for a few people, and hope to get the history of all recent games that played within that group. How do I do that?

I know I can list history of games that I played, but I’d like to get games in a group that are not played by me. Btw, I am the admin of the group if that helps.

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I don’t know of a way either. But this would be a great feature for organizing unofficial tournaments.


I don’t think there’s even such a thing. As far as I understand games don’t belong to groups or anything like that. It’s more like groups allow you to see games between members.

A workaround is to get all the games played by each player and filter needed games.


How to get all the games played by a certain player?

Never mind, found out. Click on the name, and click on the name in the pop up.

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If you don’t use the group’s chat for chatting, it could be useful to share game links.

In my local go club we are having online meetings with video chat, so we use group’s chat to share games and review links. They stay there for a while (I don’t know if group’s chat is more stable than tournaments chat, which will eventually disappear) so it could be useful for keeping a record of games played.