Get rid of Territory Score Estimate assist in "Captures" info box

Without requesting a Score estimate, one is provided when the Captures box is clicked. In particular, a partial Territory count is given. In one game, two false eyes are counted, on the other hand a large territory is uncounted. It is attempting to count what it thinks are indisputable points, fails in both small and large ways. It also counts what it considers dead stones.

It is an incomplete score estimate; like using one crutch instead of the two the Score estimate provides.

There are only three appropriate scoring quantities that should be displayed: what a player in a real game has; the number of stones in the prisoner pile, the handicap and the komi.


What’s the difference between “what a player in a real game has” and “Territory count”? Captures, handicap, and komi are already displayed, so your complaint appears to be “Territory count isn’t accurate enough,” not “it should be removed.” I hope I’m not misunderstanding.

No, I actually agree with Aten here. When you hover over the box, it’ll show you the score breakdown of “current points”, which is weird because it shows komi and prisoners (normal), but then applies strict scoring to the board.


I definitely agree that the system shouldn’t count that point. But, to be clear, you’re saying it shouldn’t count any territory points, right? In other words, you have an equal problem with the image below (circled parts)? Isn’t that just a shortcut to full counting?

It seems like this duplicates SE functionality, but just applying strict rules. If you had a white stone at Q12, for instance, none of that right side would be counted by hovering over the score on the player boxes. Why have that strict scoring even show up when SE is there, and would call that Q12 stone dead.

Meta discussion: Turns out to have been made redudant once the topic’s title is read (a natural oversight) hence deleted.

…so your complaint appears to be “Territory count isn’t accurate enough,” not “it should be removed.” I hope I’m not misunderstanding.


This is not a “complaint”, it is a critique. There is no statement that the “Territory count isn’t accurate enough”; several types of errors are noted. In fact, well defined areas are counted pretty well. The obvious implication of the third paragraph - to anyone who knows how the game was played pre-internet - is that I think it should not be there.

The best clue is the topic’s ambiguous title: Get rid of Territory Score Estimate

Read my post #6.

Oh my, read my post #6.

This is about preserving the spirit of the game, not nitpicks about software.

This is a good thought. Maybe Territory count isn’t really helpful when you can just estimate score. It might be better to take the whole hover menu out, since all the information contained in it is displayed elsewhere.

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