Get Strong At Tesuji - Impossible to buy?

Does anyone know why the “Get Strong at Tesuji” book is impossible to find? Was the printing discontinued? If anyone has a link where to buy it for an affordable price I’d be very appreciative.

It’s not even on Go Books which I thought was strange since all the other books from that series are on there


Not to advertise, but here’s one and here and here and here.


It’s on amazon at least

Maybe not the cheapest place to buy it, but…


I was going to say, before these other more useful responses appeared, ‘Get Strong at Tesuji’ is now a highly collectable, rare book owing to it’s awesome cover art’:


But you’re in luck. I would be willing to part with my copy for a mere $100,000 even though it is bound to go further up in value.

More seriously, I found some on for anything from £38 to £184!

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Thanks for all the replies, the amazon on fo 67 seems just ridiculous, I’ll try one of the European sites you guys sent!

Thanks again!

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It’s Amazon’s silly automatic pricing algorithm. Then again, out-of-print books

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Is it even out of print ? kiseido’s web site says it isn’t…