Ghost in chat box

I clicked on chat and get a green thing called Malvovich which makes a whole lot of sense. I typed something and entered. It looks like there might be something in there, like the ghost of what I wrote but I can’t tell.

Chat says “Say hi!”. This goes all the way across. Is it disappearing ink?

P.S. NO! I checked this out. It is due to the fact that the Day theme uses light grey on pale green for that text field and the Night theme seems to use the same grey on a darker green. The grey scale values must be almost equal, squint a little and you see no difference. This is like the “contrast problem topic” mentioned in OGS Theme Preferences enhancements.

Oh. The text says “Leave a note that will only b”. After I stretched the window so it was wider than my screen (1.25x width on a 15" laptop) I got all the text “Leave a note that will only be visible after the game.”

Part of the problem is that the empty space between the goban and the chat area expands into a widening empty gap as the window stretches. Not sure what the red shift is.