Github: editing Documentation & FAQ

A question for the moderators.

Is it allowed to edit Documentation & FAQ in Github?
Technically it is possible and I just did a minor change.
In the past (many years ago) I have written several manuals for a call centre in the financial sector.
My offer to the OGS community is (if allowed) to add information where it is needed. Just 10 minutes ago I added how you can delete a demo board.
How do you feel about this?


I must admit that I am not familiar with these things :grimacing:
But … if it is out there on Github, and if it is editable, I’d think it is so on purpose :slightly_smiling_face: Community effort is awesome!


Everything on GitHub is version controlled, so even if you break something it can be reversed :slight_smile: I would say if you’re not totally sure how a system works to double check with a mod first, but certainly if anything has been overlooked it would be greatly appreciated if you could touch it up :slight_smile:



Good advice in all cases.

I have seen some posts/topics which contain info that could be added.
Hope I can find them again.

If you or other mods notice gaps in the Documentation and FAQ, that could be filled, let me know.

May I suggest that the name Documentation and FAQ be changed in Help?


Did you have any suggestions?

Yes, the label Documentation and FAQ is a bit vague. My suggestion is to change it in Help.