Go / Baduk / Weiqi event calendar

Just an exeriment for now, but I created a calendar and so far just one event – the upcoming Live OGS tournment.

Link to calendar


Nice, it even adjusted for timezone :smiley:

Nice, I added it to MY calendar. I mean, I added the whole calendar to my calendar by clicking the “+ Google Calendar” icon in the lower right corner of the OGS calendar view.

Could this be an official “thing” with all of the OGS events on it?

Some OGS admins mentioned there are plans for a more integrated solution. For now I can probably maintain this for awhile as a grassroots type thing.

The google calendar is pretty awesome, though. Integrates with my calendar, fixes the timezone mess …

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Thanks! I added it to the global topic. :slight_smile:

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KillerDucky, is there a way that tournament directors could be allowed to add to this calendar?