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“Chinese or Japanese?”

(Doesn’t quite fit the flying away, I only really noticed that after I typed that in!)

Japanese Rules Popularity

Very spiritual, but let be japanese set of rules. Thank you! In fact that’s a good one! :))))))))))


Same here! But i appreciate the spontaneously response! really


Might be the last. :frowning: Hope not!


“Do you play go?”


Panel 1: Oh look! Alien life!

Panel 2: Our species believes that Go is so simple, if alien life exists, it must play it… is this true?

Panel 3: Oh.

  1. Earth / Pollution / mankind has become foreign to his own planet / zero zone resources 2. Finally aliens arrived / advice asked 3. Unespected gift / even a beginner needs to know how to avoid the situation when is wiped out from the entire board!
    And a Brainstorming Rule ; Don’t criticize other people’s ideas.


Asks aliens for the fundamental understanding of the universe

Alien hands him the Go board and says '‘find it’


Astronaut exclaims ecstatically: wow! Another form of intelligent life!
Alien looks down at the much simpler life form, hands him a Go board and bucket of brain jelly and says: Evolve



“I’m telling you, this is how you play Hive!”


“The scroll says in pre-bee-empire times this game was the bees knees.”