Go featured on Amazon Prime

Go is used as a plot device in a new Amazon Prime series- Counterpart. The thriller’s main plot is that there are dual realities- which may be in a cold war with each other.

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Does the board actually look like a real game? After the A Beautiful Mind debacle, I was disappointed to hear that the Go in Knives Out was even worse.

It looks like a decent goban with shell and slate stones. They put too many stones on the board, though. I need to make a correction- Counterpart is on Amazon Prime.

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This has been mentioned before I believe. If I recall correctly, some German(?) sdks were on set to help demonstrate how to play correctly.

That’s cool. Here’s a close-up shot of one of the games-- Go game in Counterpart

That’s not bad, looks like real game. I don’t care if they get the game or not but quick googling should be able to teach you about sgf/kifu for you to just copy :stuck_out_tongue: