Go games database

does anyone know where can go games databases be found/doanloaded ? I mean go games played by everyone, not just the champions. the idea is too make statistics about those.

Maybe you can start from this list: http://senseis.xmp.net/?GoDatabases
Though most seem pretty useless to me if you don’t want just pro games.

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For pro games: http://ps.waltheri.net
For tygem 7-9d games (2011-2012): http://tygem.fuseki.info/fuseki.php?f=full&sb=full
For kgs 6-9d games (2000-2012): http://kgs.fuseki.info/fuseki.php?f=full&sb=full

PS: Here’s some tygem 7-9d games (2005) in a downloadable zip: http://baduk.sourceforge.net/TygemAmateur.7z

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@mark5000, those are some nice web interfaces to game databases.

However, it’s probably not quite what @toto237 is looking for. To do statistical analysis, what he wants is a downloadable archive with all the SGF files.

Maybe you’ll have better luck with file sharing networks like bittorrent - a quick google search only found me some pro game archive downloads though.

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Thank you. getting closer to my wishes.

here are some: https://github.com/yenw/computer-go-dataset/

pretty sure this is what you want https://gogodonline.co.uk/


<edit> ouf, those are pro games, though </edit>