Go memes!


Where are those images from?


amine:" birdsongs in hollow valley",“qin’s moon V”,
sai from “Hikaru”, yuuki from the last five eps of" sword art online III"(yuuki is my favorite character :kissing_heart: though it’s a tragedy.:weary:)


Not really memes, though, or? Or am I mistaken?





(OK OK I’m outta here for now :wink: )

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Images of newer times






I have so many more memes that I don’t want them to turn into spam on this forum










(From this video)


That was an awesome moment, one of the most hilarious Dwyrin moments out there :slight_smile:

(You probably need to rewind a little from the actual moment to get into the feel of the game, to appreciate what happened fully :slight_smile: )




After a quick look, I don’t think any of these are memes. They are internet memes, which are not memes.

Suggest changing topic title to Go (internet) memes because someone might look at this topic thinking there might be something of real significance in it. Just a thought.

Is this a Go (internet) meme (it was originally posted under Jokes)? Or does it need a catchy title?

I got an idea: “Who farted?”


It’s possible, in your quick look, that you missed an extended discussion in this thread on this topic that started around here.

It ended around here.


Do you have a link to it?


I added the link to my previous post above.