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I don’t know if I hate you or love you. Pretty sure the internet can close now.


As a fan of both juggling and magic, I really like this a lot!

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I’m sorry. But I’ll be gentle. You don’t have to let me ruin this for you. Just stay away from this link.



Just stay away from this link.

I start to understand what that story about Adam, Eve, and the tree was all about.

Well, I have seen PAAP before. But to think there are people who are (sorry, were) not aware of it… (sigh).

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Shouldn’t you keep your own two eyes open, instead of your opponent’s? I’d rather close enemy eyes :wink:


With the sense of keep open, as specifically in the game, the group of the opponent and not helping him to form a viable/fit to live shape. [keep open the opponent’s eyes = creating false eyes.] But thx for the observation! :slight_smile:


It’s like asking if the bridge is open :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have two eyes and you close them, that’s suicide, no?


The insiders kept the bridge open and the castle was taken!



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I wonder why you don’t let the last black stone inside the black formation. It’s an illegal position? I understood , from the start what you saying, as closing the first eye is equal to auto-atari. Refusing capturing, as we speak, by the white is from another considerations, considerations favorable to black.


It’s New Zealand rules, because closing both of your eyes isn’t allowed under other rulesets (because it’s suicide :joy:) so black removes himself by filling the second eye.




For what reason, in your diagram, black diceded to suicide ?


It illustrates this point:

In Go, it’s a good thing to always keep your eyes open. Otherwise, this might happen. I get your interpretation of “open” pertains to the imperfect circumscription of the empty intersection. We think of the empty intersection in the middle to be the “eye”. Of course what makes an eye is the combination of connected stones enclosing an empty intersection.

Pre-emptive reply: No worries, makes for a great meme.


Thanks for a technical discussion under this …topic. :slight_smile:

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It appears we’re all on the same page