[gobook.eu] News thread - Website and book FULLY translated in French!

As the title states, the translation for the Brazilian Portuguese is coming along nicely and now the second chapter is ready. In addition to that the whole website has been translated to Brazilian Portuguese, all thanks to the awesome translating work of @lucasfelix . In the next month I will also be uploading some improvements and corrections for the completed versions of the book (in English and in Greek)

You can download the books and chapters for all versions and read the site in Brazilian Portuguese here: https://porbr.gobook.eu/

As always if anyone is keen to help translating the book to his own native language, just send me a message and we can get things rolling immediately.

Be well! :slight_smile:


And out of the blue, the translation of chapter 1 is ready for the French language!
I was planning on working on the corrections I had recieved for the English version, but Jean-Louis Tu came in and produced amazing results in mind-boggling speed! Not only did he finish the translation of the first chapter which was started by Ch. Loudoux and Tryss, but he immediately proceeded to dive into the translation of the second chapter as well!

He is so fast that I can barely keep up with the typesetting! Thank you all three for your awesome help! ! :slight_smile:

As always you can download the chapters for free (either in color or grayscale) from the site’s project : https://www.gobook.eu/ and if you want to contribute with the translation of the book in your language, just drop me a line and we can begin working on it immediately.

Be well! :slight_smile:

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Chapter 2 for French is ready and has been uploaded to the project’s webpage. ! :slight_smile:
Jean-Louis Tu is just out of this world with his translation speed. He finished chapter 2 and he is halfway into translating chapter 3. The word “amazing” fails to describe him!

As always you can download the chapter for free from the project’s webpage https://www.gobook.eu/ and you are always welcome to contribute in any way you can, especially if you want to help with the translation of the book in your own language.

I hope you will find the result useful. Chapter 3 here we come!

Be well!

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Chapter 3 and 4 for French are ready and have been uploaded to the project’s webpage. :slight_smile:

With these 62 pages added, we have reached 100 pages of content in French and Jean-Louis Tu is still working wonders on the translation, as we are heading for the next chapter.

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Last time we had reached the end of chapter 4 (page 100) Instead of going a chapter per week, we decided for the next update to prepare everything and provide a fully translated book and website for the French language. :slight_smile: Jean-Luis Tu did an amazing job in translating everything and we both put in many hours of work for the end result and I think it looks great.

Frankly, after launching the project in December I couldn’t even dream of a complete version being added in so soon, but it did, proving once again that the idea of making this project was not far-fetched. We can do this, as a community, together.

As I mentioned earlier, the website has been completely translated in French https://fr.gobook.eu/ and, as always, you can download the book for free. You are always welcome to contribute in any way you can, especially if you want to help with the translation of the book in your own language. I’d be happy to hear from you.

Be well! :slight_smile:

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Hello! I would like to share this announcement with you, about the book being translated in the Spanish language. The first chapter is out: