Going back in time in games with Analysis disabled

In the old OGS, in games with analysis disabled, you could still use the arrows to go back and see previous moves again. I used this feature a lot to remind myself what had been going on in slower games (was this move a ko threat? A tenuki?) so that I didn’t have to reread out everything on the board. Now the arrows appear to be disabled, and I cannot go back and see what any moves other than the last move (which is marked) were. Can this be changed back to the old behavior?


Very good point. Being able to see the old moves is critical.
It has also been said that allowing one to disable analysis for a longer game is completely useless. People can/will just use another SGF editor or a real board. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact time settings that it becomes problematic for people to be able to analyze easily inside OGS.

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Shoot, that’s an oversight, we’ll get it fixed up. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!