Great Dragons Group

Welcome to my new Great Dragons group. We play 10 honorary titles during the season. Holders of these titles have the right to fight for the title of the Greatest Dragon. Our tournaments are held with a handicap and are quite unpredictable.
Join, it will be interesting! :grinning:


Here is the first title tournament :grinning:

Ooh, I like the idea! I’ll check out your group.

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@MystWalker thank you! :grinning:

This seems interesting. I have joined the group AND the tournament. I look forward to having my proverbial “ass” handed to me on a “silver platter”. Possibly even platinum. Who knows…

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Friends. I thank you for your attention to this group. Unfortunately, I can not support it more. Finish tournaments, get your medals, but that’s it. Tournament fans invite to the Monkey Go Games. Thank you for understanding!