Group Forum Location

Where are the group forums going to be?

We actually haven’t decided what we are going to do about that yet… my early thought is that we would create subcategories on this forum for any group that wants them.

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Since there are a number of groups and I expect several will want a separate “board”, I think a Groups category makes sense, at least in the fullness of time. If it is easy to rearrange the sub-categories in the future, starting with them under Meta will work, but it might be better to plan ahead.

Maybe not a huge issue until the forums get more activity, but a thought.

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Having had a forum for Canadian members, and no members, and now some 70 members and no forum, I’d like a board just for the group, in the group lobby, if that’s okay, along with the tournament and ladder list. It might be nice to have a chat window right there too. If either is feasible.

But this is pretty new to me. Someone I don’t know has been doing a dandy job of starting to run tournaments when the old forum went missing and membership exploded, so first thing I’ll do with my board will probably be to see if everyone thinks that person should simply take over from me.:slight_smile:

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A chat channel is already available under the OGS chat page.