Group Page not found

I joined the “Double Digit Kyu Room” group and the group appeared twice in the Group Sidebar list. Also when clicking on the Group Name I get a “Page Not Found Error”. The URL is

This is odd, @RedSandman. I’m also a member of that group, and I can get to that page as well as to the correlating chat channel.

I’d try logging out, deleting cookies, and logging back in (you’ll have to set your preferences again!).

If that doesn’t help, we might need help by @anoek and/or @matburt.


I deleted the browser cache and cookies but error still present. It must be in my OGS profile because the same problem shows up in other browsers IE, Chrome etc. If I do not log into OGS I can actually get to the Group Page via the Group listings. Strange :frowning:

I had a similar and possibly related glitch the other day while clicking on sidebar links to ladders that I am participating in. When clicking on those links, I was intermittently getting the “Page Not Found Error”.

However, this wouldn’t happen all of the time, and would usually go away after clicking again or trying a different ladder. I didn’t find any way to reliably reproduce the bug, and it does not appear to be occurring anymore.

I assumed it could have just been some transient issue with my connection, but now given OP’s report, I figure the dev team might find this info interesting as well.

Is there anyway to unjoin the group without visiting the Group Page? I thought there maybe something in your profile page but I can’t seem to find an Unjoin link.

Can an admin please remove me from the Group “Double Digit Kyu Room” as I still can’t get the Group Links to work.


Hey RedSandman… somehow you got added to this group twice, I’m not sure how that happened but that was causing your issues. I’ve removed both associations between you and the group so you should be able to view that page again and join or not join as you wish.


Ok thank you. I will try and join again.

Joined the Group OK now, everything seems fine. :smile: