Growth ideas

OGS is fantastic, but I wish it had some stronger players. Any chance that OGS could get features geared towards strong players, such as professional game broadcasts (live or not live). Professional game sgfs for review? How about more unique (but very ambitious) projects like talking about integrating features like Kombilo and Crazy Sensei?

Tournaments are also hard to use and it requires too much effort to figure out the progress of other games.


I’m not sure if I understand:

do you want more stronger players… stronger than you ? or stronger than what they currently are ?

You associate strong player to professional, what do you exactly expect ?

Maybe, those strong players are already there as well as professional players and it’s just a matter to finding them.

How do you think OGS can make them more visible ? assuming they want so.

There are already live broadcasts of tournament games between top players as far as I know.

Speaking of myself, one wish would be to catalyze teaching / learning experience improving the features ogs already has and implementing new. Broad topic…


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