Guiding Stones

I created Guiding Stones to organize my own tournaments. My tournaments are always open to all OGS players, so you do not need to join the group to play in my tournaments. If you want to learn about new tournaments on time, then subscribe to this topic.

I hope you will honor me and play in my tournaments. Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game!


I just created my first little tournament. :blush:


(Umm are you ShadowMonk by any chance…?)

I would join that 9x9 tourney, but it has a upperlimit of 10k >__>

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No, I’m definitely not him.

Obviously yes, unless it’s a very strange parody account. Maybe he just wants to organize a different type of tournament into this new group?

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Please bother to explain what you mean when you call me “parody”? Your words are offensive.


  • Both accounts post short tournament announcements on the forums with little other content.
  • Tournament banner styles are nearly identical.
  • Both accounts are 10 kyu
  • Both accounts link back to the same “under construction” static web site.
  • Both are site supporters
  • Both list “Red Cross” as a location

To be clear, I wasn’t saying that it’s a big deal that you created multiple accounts. I was saying that if this was indeed a separate person then they copied another user nearly identically.

Good luck with your groups and tournaments.


I see you organized a real persecution of my friend GuardAngel, whom I introduced to Go and brought him to play on the OGS. It seems that some people are not enough to play Go, so they also need to play detectives. At the same time, it is noticeable that they play much worse in detectives than in Go.

Well, of course. I introduced GuardAngel to Go. I brought him to the OGS. What is it about the fact that he used my work to create his group? I do not mind this, so you certainly should not object.

Hold on He played FIVE games for the moment. FIVE parties on a 9x9 board. What kind of ratings similarities can we talk about at all? And besides, let’s blame everyone who has 10 Kyu that they are someone’s “parody”. I think it will be fun.

Yes, because we make it together. Is it reprehensible?

No longer. I have canceled support for OGS. Although it was a little support, I will not provide it where I am unreasonably suspected of dishonesty. Whether GuardAngel will cancel support, I do not know.

I do not even know what to answer to this terrible suspicion. Perhaps the same thing that I wrote about “10 Kyu”?
I will tell you even more. We have the same IP address! Because we live in the neighborhood and use the services of the same ISP. It’s suspicious, isn’t it?

You unreasonably suspected two people of dishonesty. It would not be a problem if you contacted us privately with your suspicions, but you made your suspicions public, thereby discrediting two players and two groups. And what you said later: “Everything is fine. You are a dishonest and unreliable person, but this is not a problem,” does not cancel this discredit at all.
Correspondence tournaments are played for months and years. Participants of such tournaments want to be sure of the reliability of those who organize these tournaments. I think they have every right to do so.
But how now, after your unfounded suspicions, GuardAngel and I can give guarantees of our loyalty to the players? Who will believe in our trustworthiness? Who will play in our tournaments?
I worked on the UGC for several months. Now it has lost its meaning. Thank you very much.


Thank you for intercession, my friend, but you should not worry so much. Every person has the right to consider what he imagined is true. After all, it is possible that the whole life of this person only imagines him.


Come on :slight_smile: Okay, he/she said “parody”. That’s tough.

So I wanted to jump in, because I don’t think having multiple accounts is synonym with dishonesty. You might be thinking fake games to artificially bump your ranking, but there are other legitimate reasons. I know that for example if I wanted to try blitz, I would not want to sabotage my regular account.

I think you’re fine, really. You’re involved in the community and run a successful group, you bring a friend, you’re both supporters, what’s not to like about it?

A note to @Bray: to me, it seems unlikely for a same person to maintain multiple supporter accounts (that’s where I see a flaw in your reasoning).


Thank you for your wise words. I am sure these words are able to cool all the hot heads in this topic, and this is exactly what I would like most of all.