H. Scroll bar on Game History

Intermittent issue: sometimes a profile will display the game history with a horizontal scroll bar (I have been unable to force this error reliably)

bug reported at issue #504

Its because username is so long, here showing camilos whole name stretches the game history.
Same thing occurs in another places too with long usernames.

Notice how it even hides the winner from sight xDh

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I feel like at times I have seen longer names that render without the scroll bar but I will have to have a look around to prove this.

Hmm this does seem to be the culprit.

I wonder, since the names are links anyway, would it be possible to partially display the name (say, only the first n chars) to maintain the whole grid w/o a scroll bar?

Note that there is a related issue about the fact that these long names cause the rank to disappear.

So if we limited name display to enough characters and display the rank as well, that’d be a win win.

Or we could just limit the length of names :wink:

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Links or it didn’t happen :wink:

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Guess which name appears in the example screenshot :wink:


curses glitterbutt!

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Oi oi, don’t blame glitterbutts for having such an amazing usernames!!

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He could have just been “glitterbutts” and there wouldn’t have been a problem :wink:

Game name and both player names clip to a maximum width but even still there is a scroll bar. This in conjuction with the 4 inches of black I have on either side makes the site feel poorly CSS’d

@anoek please re-open https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/504