Handicap Options

I’m not sure if I’m just missing a setting here or if this just isn’t something that has been developed yet.
I generally don’t like to play with handicap stones (although I don’t mind handicap komi) since it skews how the game is played. In the quick match finder I can’t seem to find a way to disable getting matches with handicap stones. The only options are “no preference”, “prefer handicap” and “require handicap”.
This isn’t a huge problem because I’ll just immediately cancel any games I get into if I see handicap stones on the board, but it would be nice (and probably less annoying to people who I cancel games with) to be able to not get these matches altogether. If anyone knows the setting to fix this that would be great.




Require and disable have the opposite meaning and are just confusing together. I can see how a programmer ended up using those words though.


Ah I see now. Thank you! Never bothered to click on the require handicap option.


It definitely feels like something to put on the to do list to make it easier to understand.

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