Handicap set to None in games from tournaments where Handicap: Auto


I’m the organizer of a little tournament that I set up with Handicap auto.
Amongst the 4 games, only one has been created with Handicap: xx and the 3 others have been created with Handicap: None when I would have expected handicap stones.

Could someone please have a look on it and, if nothing is wrong, explain me?
Otherwise, if it might be some bug, I can fill a Github issue for tracking it.

The tournament: https://online-go.com/tournament/28378

Thanks in advance,


I know this is proper behaviour if the rank difference exceeds 9 stones as the gap is considered “too significant for a handicap to be effective”

However, I checked all the game pairings and all of them are within 9 stones of their opponent.

Thank you very much, I’ve also thought of the McMahon bars as playing a role in it, I don’t understand much about it :x

Anyone else who has clues ?