Hanging during analysis on Android Chrome

At some point perhaps in the last week or so, the site started hanging on my frequently when in analysis mode. It usually happens a minute or so in, but has also happened within a few seconds a couple of times. Everything just freezes at that point. None of the buttons or links work, and no more stones can be placed on the board. The page also stops being scrollable.

The browser itself seems okay. By switching to Home or another app and then returning, I can at least get the browser’s action bar to appear so I can close the tab. Other open tabs continue to work fine.

This doesn’t seem to happen on any other platform or browser that I’ve tried so far, though I do most of my playing on my phone so it maybe just be that it hasn’t had time to happen elsewhere. I’ve begun using Firefox for Android to play my games, and it hasn’t hung so far.

I’ve never seen it happen except when I’m in analysis mode, though I don’t spend much time in any other state. My phone’s an N5 with Android version is 4.4.4. (Build KTU84P) Chrome version 37.0.2062.117