"has recently timed out a game" is too sticky

I had a game timed out on March 31 and today is May 2, but I still have the T mark. A month ago doesn’t qualify for “recently.”

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I believe you need to complete another correspondence game longer than 24 hrs. Works well if you have a pipeline of relatively short correspondence games, but if you don’t play much correspondence it would probably be a problem. Not many people pay attention to it as a result XD


This. (and of course you need to complete the game in some other way than timeout)

On the other hand, having T isn’t harmful, it mostly just prevents your rank from dropping if you timeout in corr game again - very handy thing to have if player times out in 30 games due sudden hospital stay for example. It might look ugly, but try to bear with it until your next corr game finishes :wink:


Start a 9x9 correspondence game. Those are over quite quickly.


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