Have a larger minimum Byo-yomi and Simple period time

Setting the Byo-yomi period to 0 makes it say (eg.) 20m+5x, which just looks weird, and honestly defeats the spirit of the timing method.

Similarly, it’s disturbingly simple to pick up an arbitrary number of easy wins by setting it to simple time, 1 second, and taking black. Not that I actually did that except as one unranked test.

I think the bare minimum should be 10 seconds in all time periods, if you want to set one of the byo-yomi times to 0, that’s what absolute and simple is for.

Edit: And for even better guiding to personal preferences, be able to have a setting to set personal minimum times, and if you click accept on an open game with a faster-than-set time setting, it gives a warning rather than automatically tossing you in.

Heh, thanks for pointing those out, byo-yomi should be 1 period minimum for sure :smile:

Re the 1s min time, any game that ends in just a few moves is annulled, so there’s some protection against that…

I love that personal preference idea. Unless there is more information in the open challenges screen, this would be immensely useful.

I just played a game with a timer set to 16m+5x and when my timer got to zero, OGS crashed and chrome gave me the “Aw, snap” screen. I’m not sure whether this is reproducible or not. However, maybe the server could check byo-yomi games, and if number of periods is set to zero, or if the byo-yomi period length is set to zero, automatically change the timer to fisher when the challenge is created. That would avoid the (possible) bug, and the confusion as well.

Chrome. I just had another “10m+5x” game, and when the opponent’s timer ran out, the entire page crashed, and instead of the tab being killed with “aw snap”, the entire tab froze, wouldn’t reload, and wouldn’t respond to being closed until I manually killed the process. This is a fairly serious bug. :frowning:

That’d be a browser bug (or an extension bug). there is nothing that any website should be able to that should cause the browser to be unresponsive or outright crash.

Yeah, I’m not blaming you for how badly the browser handled the crash, but timing out on a game with a byo-yomi period of zero causes problems, and should be fixed ASAP. making the minimum Byo-yomi period length 3-5 seconds would heal this bug, get rid of the ugly UI quirk of “10m+5x”, stop people perverting the entire intent of the Byo-yomi system, and it would take less time to fix than it did to write this post. :smiley:

Oh yeah the whole 0s and 0 period things will be fixed up this next patch (this weekend at the latest)