Haylee vs Leela Zero (net #128) rematch 11AM CST 04-29-2018 Sunday (game 1 of 8)

Haylee vs Leela Zero (net #128) rematch 11AM CST 04-29-2018 Sunday

Hoster: https://online-go.com/user/view/361312/baduk1


30 min main time, 40 seconds / 3 times.

Even game.

This will be game 1 of 8 in a eight game series. One game per week (sunday) for eight weeks.
Whichever side loses two consequctive games in a row will take one stone handicap. And whichever side continues to lose two more games in a row will increase to 2 handicap stones and so on and so forth.


Sweet!! :slight_smile: Is Leela Zero trained to play handicap games, or is she gonna mis-count due to the handicap stones?


not sure, but first two games (first two weeks) are going to be even no matter what.

I do know recently the baduk1 guy gave an active pro who is stronger than haylee a full one handicap stone and it beat him very convincely.

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t minus 2 hours

here we Go

Operating feel sick , handing off to roy7 I believe

I think baduk1 advised handed off to roy, not sure if haylee wants to continue know that 20 minutes passed or if pushed back game 1 to next sunday

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@roy7 thanks for the help and great result for LZ as predicted. Seems like even 1 gpu is enough nowadays. Hopefully next Sunday Haylee gets to deliver a better opening to have more of a chance the rest part of the game. Great to watch and looking forward to her video on this.

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